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All my audio recordings are of LIVE Somatics sessions. You may sometimes hear faint background noises. Please donate what you feel comfortable with from the three suggestions.

Tips to help you get the most from these Somatics sessions

We never try to spot-fix an area, stretch or move into pain in Somatics. These are not exercises to be done; they are gentle movements to be explored. Enjoy exploring these audio downloads, go slow, be patient, present and curious.

LESS, IS MORE, with Somatic movement.

These audio collections will teach you how to:

  • Reduce aches, pains, stress and anxiety
  • Regain your flexibility and mobility
  • Regulate your nervous system
  • Rebalance your muscular-skeletal system
  • Regain your freedom of movement back
  • Plus much more!

While Somatics is a gentle movement practice, I can't be held responsible if you cause yourself any harm. Please follow the advice above, as I can't see or help you as you explore these sessions.

Feel free to contact me before donating your valuable time and money to these audio downloads if you are unsure if Somatics is for you. I offer free 30-minute phone consultations.


FREE Beginners Guide - Part 1

4 short audios introducing you to the beautiful world of Somatics!


FREE Beginners Guide - Part 2

2 short audios introducing you to the beautiful world of Somatics!


Beginners Series - Part A

Part A of this beginner's mini-series will help introduce you to the fundamental movements of Somatics.

Learn to release and regain conscious control of the muscles on the front and back of your body, and help bring yourself back to balance.

  • Arch and Flatten
  • The Flower
  • Arch and Curl
  • Modified Back Lift
  • The Back Lift
  • Diagonal Arch and Curl

Beginners Series - Part B

Please complete this beginner's series before moving on to another audio series to get the most from this method.

Part B of this beginner's mini-series will help introduce you to the fundamental movements involved in releasing and regaining conscious control of the muscles on the sides of the body and enable you to twist and turn with more freedom of movement.

We move away from the old way of 'fixing' an area that hurts. There will always be a full-body tension contributing to what you are experiencing. In releasing these tension patterns, you may find many aches and pains start to disappear.

  • The Side Bend
  • Hip Hikers
  • The Wash Rag
  • Steeple Twist

Healthy Back Series

5 complete movement lessons, each between 45 - 60 minutes, to help release, re-educate and regain conscious control of areas of the body contributing to your back issues.

Bring yourself back to balance with these Somatic sessions.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to creating a healthy back. We all have different requirements. These five sessions will help you unravel tension patterns and discover more movement possibilities. Be gentle with yourself. Remember, forcing a move - only puts the brakes on!

  1. Lesson 1 - This session covers basic but powerful movements to release the back. Sometimes, areas of our body can overwork as others become inhibited. This session helps us sense how areas are connected and function together. It helps us to re-organise our nervous system and move towards and maintain - a healthy back.
  2. The Spinal Foundation - The sacrum and the pelvis create the foundation of the spine. For many people, their glute muscles just under the top edge of the pelvis are constantly contracted, tender to the touch, and restrict movement of the hips and back. Today's session helps us create a 'solid' foundation for the spine.
  3. Restricted Ribs - When we hold tension in and around the rib cage, it can affect how the back feels and moves - especially the upper back. Do your ribs feel springy as you breathe? Can you twist and turn with ease? This session helps us to release and relax the muscles between the ribs and those covering the rib cage, easing tension in the back and more!
  4. Right & Left Lower Back - Today's session focused on both sides of the lower back, muscles from the bottom rib to the top of the pelvis. If these muscles are contracted on one side more than the other, the hips will be out of balance, one leg may seem shorter or longer, and you may find one shoulder lower than the other. This session helps to bring these muscles and more back to balance.
  5. Back Flow! - This session helps us twist, turn, hike, arch, and curl. I invite you to lazily explore these fairly 'big' movements so you can tune into the back's incredible abilities.

Healthy Shoulder Series

5 complete movement lessons between 45 - 60 minutes to help release, re-educate and regain conscious control of areas of the body contributing to shoulder issues.

Healthy communication between the shoulders and brain is essential to keep full function in this area. Of course, in keeping with the true somatic way, we explore full-body patterns to make all this happen! You can bring yourself back to balance with these Somatic sessions; please start with lesson 1.

  1. Rounded Shoulders - What makes the shoulders round forward? Why do we feel hunched over at times? Today's session helps uncover some of the reasons for this. By the end of this session, you may find your posture has improved, and you can move freely in more ways than one!
  2. Sore Between the Shoulder Blades? - Have you ever felt sore between the shoulder blades and wanted to stretch it out? Are you trying to 'fix' the bit that hurts? The problem is generally (not always) caused by tension in the front of the body, and the muscles in the back are stressed and overstretched. In this session, we release, re-educate, and re-balance muscles - instead of stretching them - to help ease the soreness between the shoulder blades.
  3. Uneven Shoulders - Do you feel lopsided in the shoulders, as though one is higher or lower than the other? If so, tension in the side of the body often creates this issue. This session offers two classes in one! Perhaps the beginning of this session is all you need today. If you have more time, enjoy delving deeper while lying on the floor with us.
  4. Rotator Cuff Issues - 4 little muscles make up a group of muscles called the rotator cuffs. In today's session, we explore movements these muscles assist in and how they might become a little strained if the centre of the body is not moving freely.
  5. Melting Shoulder Tension - Whilst relaxing on our sides, we release and re-educate all the muscles that make up the shoulder area and more! Allowing any shoulder tension to melt away.

Upright & Relaxed Series

5 complete movement lessons between 45 - 60 minutes to help improve your posture without straining.

5 complete movement lessons between 45 - 60 minutes to help improve your posture without straining. 

If you have noticed it requires more effort to stand tall, and you seem to be creating stiffness, aches, and pains, these five classes are for you! The more you visit these sessions, the more you will find you can stand tall in a relaxed way - no matter your age!

These sessions will help you let go of what is holding you hostage from your relaxed, upright posture. Unravelling unnecessary tension will allow the spine to lengthen and move freely in all directions. 

1. Head First - This session helped us release tension contributing to the 'shrinking process' we see many people go through. We tend to blame old age for this, but it has nothing to do with the number of birthdays we've had and everything to do with 'sensory-motor amnesia! (Please look at the FREE audio section for more on this if you need clarification on what this is.  Exploring these moves will help us to regain lost height with results you can measure in this simple but effective session.

2. Aligning The Spine -  Everything connects to the spine. If the spine is stiff and unable to move, you can be sure your head, arms, and legs will feel the effects. It requires a lot of effort to stand upright with a stiff spine. This session has two parts, both stand-alone if you wish to explore them separately. Have fun exploring!

3. Untucking The Tail -  When we sit relaxing in an armchair or sofa, we tend to sit with our tailbones tucked under. Nothing is wrong with this unless you spend hours in the same position daily. Tension can accumulate over time and affect your ability to stand upright - in a relaxed way. This session helps to release the muscles holding the tail tucked under and also activates the muscles that were being inhibited due to the tuck.

4. Weather Tension - Have you ever found your shoulders up around your ears and your arms clamped tightly into your sides on a cold, wet, windy day? Have you noticed how you may stiffen up when holding an umbrella? We tend to naturally curl in and tense up to stay warm, to 'brace' ourselves against the 'bad' weather.  This session will help to release and relax those tension patterns.

5. Rocking To Relax The Spine - In this gentle session, we explored moving the hips and shoulders to help gently rock and rotate the spine, allowing it to relax and lengthen naturally. Notice if you feel taller afterwards, more upright in a relaxed way. You may also find your limbs swinging freely by the end of this gentle session! 


Beyond Stretching Series

5 complete movement lessons between 45 - 60 minutes to help release rather than stretch muscles to a desired length.

5 complete movement lessons between 45 - 60 minutes to help release rather than stretch muscles to a desired length.

The brain and the nervous system know how to program our muscular system. Moving and exploring the somatic way improves the coordination and function of the muscles instead of egoically trying to pull and mould the muscles from the outside.  We have fewer injuries and spasms when we work smarter, not harder! 

Remember, we move as an integrated system. Trying to stretch the stiff bit is an old-fashioned way of thinking and will never get to the root cause of our lack of flexibility or mobility.

Somatics takes us beyond stretching! 

1. Relaxed Back -  An old-fashioned traditional stretch for the back is to hug the knees into the chest. The Somatics way would first explore the Arch and Release AND the Back Lift.  We have many classes with this focus, so today, I wanted to share other ways you could release your whole back whilst lying on your side.

2. Release The Hips - Again, on our side, we focused on releasing the muscles of the outer hips to replace the old-fashioned 'buttock/hip' stretch. Exploring this way helps connect the ribs, shoulder, and neck to the hips.

3. The Neck & Shoulders - Another session, mainly on our side. Today's session was a big one! Keeping yourself comfortable in Somatics is essential, especially when exploring these more complex moves. After connecting the lower body to the shoulders and neck, we explored hiking and rotation of the spine to replace some of the traditional channel and shoulder stretches.

4. Thighs, Front & Back - We took a somatic approach after experiencing traditional hip and thigh stretches. We were releasing and re-educating the muscles on the front and the back of the thighs within a total body movement pattern. Simple, easy-to-do movements in standing and on the floor, today's session was two in one! 

5. Whole Side Release - A very gentle session exploring circles on our sides. This is a familiar session for so many of you.  It helps to relax and calm the nervous system and helps release and unwind muscular tension in the neck, shoulders, ribs, waist, and hips as we move. Notice if you feel more flexible and mobile throughout your day after this relaxing session! 

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