Free Taster Sessions

Soma Scan

Are you tense? Let's find out. This audio takes you through a relaxing body scan, it can be beneficial on many levels.

  • helps to tune into where you may be holding muscular tension
  • helps to calm and relax your nervous system easing pain and tension
  • brings you back into your body and out of stressful thinking
  • helps you tune into and improve your breathing
  • may also help improve the quality of your sleep, plus much, much more!

Releasing Tension on the Front and Back of the body

This is a very gentle Somatic movement session with lots of explanation. It will help you release and relax the muscles on the front and the back of the body.

  • explore this movement in a lazy and curious way
  • go slow, stay away from pain, be gentle with yourself
  • small movements can create big results!

Please take care as you explore, I can not be held responsible for any issues you may have as I can not assist you. Praise yourself for any excellent results you achieve, it's all down to you tuning in and listening to yourself!