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5 complete movement lessons between 45 – 60 minutes to help improve your posture without straining.

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5 complete movement lessons between 45 – 60 minutes to help improve your posture without straining.

If you have noticed it requires more effort to stand tall, and you seem to be creating stiffness, aches, and pains, these five classes are for you! The more you visit these sessions, the more you will find you can stand tall in a relaxed way – no matter your age!

These sessions will help you let go of what is holding you hostage from your relaxed, upright posture. Unravelling unnecessary tension will allow the spine to lengthen and move freely in all directions.

1. Head First – This session helped us release tension contributing to the ‘shrinking process’ we see many people go through. We tend to blame old age for this, but it has nothing to do with the number of birthdays we’ve had and everything to do with ‘sensory-motor amnesia! (Please look at the FREE audio section for more on this if you need clarification on what this is.  Exploring these moves will help us to regain lost height with results you can measure in this simple but effective session.

2. Aligning The Spine –  Everything connects to the spine. If the spine is stiff and unable to move, you can be sure your head, arms, and legs will feel the effects. It requires a lot of effort to stand upright with a stiff spine. This session has two parts, both stand-alone if you wish to explore them separately. Have fun exploring!

3. Untucking The Tail –  When we sit relaxing in an armchair or sofa, we tend to sit with our tailbones tucked under. Nothing is wrong with this unless you spend hours in the same position daily. Tension can accumulate over time and affect your ability to stand upright – in a relaxed way. This session helps to release the muscles holding the tail tucked under and also activates the muscles that were being inhibited due to the tuck.

4. Weather Tension – Have you ever found your shoulders up around your ears and your arms clamped tightly into your sides on a cold, wet, windy day? Have you noticed how you may stiffen up when holding an umbrella? We tend to naturally curl in and tense up to stay warm, to ‘brace’ ourselves against the ‘bad’ weather.  This session will help to release and relax those tension patterns.

5. Rocking To Relax The Spine – In this gentle session, we explored moving the hips and shoulders to help gently rock and rotate the spine, allowing it to relax and lengthen naturally. Notice if you feel taller afterwards, more upright in a relaxed way. You may also find your limbs swinging freely by the end of this gentle session!


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